Wholesale Hot Fix Motif Design FM-076

Wide range of various transfers and free custom service. Hot fix rhinestone motif latter design. Made of glitter rhinestone,nailhead and so on, in nice design and best price .Various designs,colors,materials ,sizes are acceptable.

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Detailed Description( How to Order? )

"Specification:Can be customized
Usage:Textile,apparel,garments,shoes etc.
1.easily transferred on clothing
2.past washing test
3.high temperature resistance "


  • Wholesale Hot Fix Motif Design FM-076
  • Item Name:Wholesale Hot Fix Motif Design FM-076
  • Item No.: FM-076
  • We quote to you based on the quantity you want.

For Custom Designs:

We can create custom order for you. From rough ideas of your logos to sophisticated designs, You can simply contact us and send us your design (as jpg.)by email:

Note: To give you exact quote, we also need what kinds of stones are used, what size of the design should be, and the quantity you will order.