The 116th Canton Fair Phase 3 4.11.2014

The 116th Canton Fair Phase 3 has been closed on 8 Nov. 2014. Favor Fashion Co Ltd. Has been greatly improved not only in scale and exhibition, but also staff arrangement. It played a good role for our brand promotion. Now, our souvenir T-shirt gots a good reputation in the souvenir Industry.


When every customer came to our booth, he or she was suprised by our amazing rhinestone transfers. No matter our quality, but also our service. They really prefer to cooperate with us. This fair was worthwhile this time. We got many good feedback from the customers who came to our booth. We will always attend the next fair. If you miss to visit us before and you happen to find us here, welcome to visit us at the fair. I am sure you might find many things you’re interested in and think it’s a rewarding journey.






The most important is how to maintain old customers and add new customers in such competition situation. Now we cannot ignore and should be imporve the market share of rhinestone tranfers. When explain and communicate with customers, we should know the proffesional knowledge for hotfix motifs first. So staff should get rich knowledge of rhinestone motifs. Besides, in order to establish good business relationship, we will give a color chart or a small piece of motifs as a gift.


Favor Fashion Co Ltd. think that we’ll cooperate enjoyably with our proffessional knowledge and good after-sales service. Hope we can improve and withness our good growth together. Hope next fair can meet you! Enjoy your shopping here!