The 113th Canton Fair Phase 3 01.05.2013

We attended to the 113th Canton Fair Phase 3 and invited the old customers to visit our booth.

At this fair, we showed the latest souvenir t shirt and rhinestone motif designs to all customers and what we showed is so much different t shirt style, from different countries and different cities.

We have made the designs for many countries and cities, you can see the t shirt samples what we showed at the booth is for Dubai, Paris, Vienna, Prague, Monaco, Croatia, Budapest, London, Nice, Los Angeles, Germany, Canada, New York, San Francisco and so on.

Our design team is full experience in the souvenir t shirt designs and they made different styles for each customer according to their requirement.

For example, some customers required to making the lovely style for the designs, and it also should be according to that city’s style, such as for the Dubai, it’s well known that it’s the Sunshine City, so it should be made with Sunshine to suit the city.

And this is the fair pictures which we took at this fair and now we share with you.




Introduce the products and have a talking with the customers.



Show the souvenir t shirt samples to the cooperated customers.


Customers showed their souvenir t shirt designs to us and had the discussion.



Have a discussion about the order with the cooperated customers.


We took a photo with our old customers together.