The 113th Canton Fair Phase 2 23.04.2013

Our sales team became more and more strong and we are very successful in each fair, we got so much good reputation from our customers and we believe that we can became more successful in the future..

As we have two departments and each fair we showed souvenir t shirt and rhinestone motif designs so all customers know both of them is our major business. This time we attended the 113th Canton Fair Phase 2, Gifts and Premiums show, showed the latest souvenir t shirt and rhinestone motif designs.

We have cooperated with the customers who know from the fair and work very friendly. They often came to our booth and gave us some good feedback, and sometimes they also gave us some advice and it really will help us become more and more successful.

As we are the professional manufacturer in souvenir t shirt and rhinestone motif, and we have the strong sale team and professional design team and at the fair, we always showed wonderful designs and idea to customers so we leave good impression for the customers.This fair we met some potential customers and we had the discussion and got some orders.

Here is some fair pictures we share with you.






Our products attracted so many customers to visit our booth.





Have discussion with the customers about the designs, our designer also provided all kinds of ideas to the customers.


We took a photo with our old customers together.